Though there are many things to do here in Naples. Today we are spotlighting a new favorite of ours, we’re talking about Naples Seaplane Adventures.

Seaplanes have been operating on Long Lake in Naples since 1929, and Naples Seaplane Adventures is proud to continue this long-treasured tradition. Operating since 2014 with Matthew McFadden as the pilot. An experienced pilot with over 4,500 total hours of flying. For the past 15 years, he has instructed pilots in both land and seaplanes, given scenic flights, and worked as an aircraft mechanic. The Seaplane dock is literal 3-minute walk from the Lakeview Inn to the seaplane dock on Long Lake in the Naples.

Tourists often flock to Naples, attracted by the town’s location on the shores of Long Lake and Brandy Pond, which offer stunning views of the surrounding natural beauty.

Naples Sea Plane

Naples Seaplane Adventures offer a variety of tours, including a 10-minute scenic tour of Naples where the view of Pleasant Mountain and the White Mountains, an 18-minute tour that explores beautiful Long Lake, Brandy Pond, and Sebago Lake. While in the air you will also see Sebago Point, the famous Songo Locks, Sebago Lake State Park, the surrounding foothills, and majestic Mount Washington. The Songo River and the White Mountains, and a one-hour tour that takes passengers to Mount Washington. And finally, a 50-mile 30-minute tour that offers 3 viewing options.

Plenty To See

Option 1: The Sebago Lake tour is a flight around the coastline of the pristine Sebago Lake, and includes views of Nason’s beach, Long Beach, Frye’s Leap cliffs, Frye Island, Songo Locks, Point Sebago as well as Panther Pond and Thomas Pond.

Option 2: The White Mountain foothill tour goes over Long Lake, Highland Lake, Kezar Pond, and around Pleasant Mountain. The flight offers additional highlights, including views of the Hemlock Covered Bridge, the picturesque Fryeburg Harbor fields with the winding Saco River flowing through them, and the Brownfield Bog, as well as opportunities to see Grainger, Hancock, and Peabody Ponds.

Option 3: The Western Maine Lake tour begins by flying to the north end of Long Lake and passing over the quaint town of Harrison, and on to Thompson Lake, Crescent Lake, Panther Pond, Thomas Pond, the Songo Locks, and Brandy Pond

Aireal shot of Naples in the Fall 2022
Airial Flight 3
Airial photo of Naples Maine

Leila and I took a seaplane adventure this past fall when all of the colors of the leaves were in the process of changing from summer to fall. We flew around the town and surrounding lakes and enjoyed the many colors and landscapes of Naples. Taking off and landing on Long Lake was the smoothest ever, we were provided with a headset so that we can talk and hear Matthew share information about the area.

Anthony and Leila

Come and explore the natural beauty of Naples, Maine, and the surrounding area from a whole new perspective.

Make your reservation at or call 207-232-2594. Tell them the Lakeview Inn sent you!